Junior Members

While growing up there are few lessons in life more important than learning to appreciate and manage your own money. That’s why Your Community Bank, Tees Credit Union offers FREE membership to all of our Junior Members.

Learning to save and use a First Savers account can teach and encourage financial skills that can stay with your children or grandchildren for life, helping them to make sound financial decisions and achieve their goals. A number of our collection points operate from within school premises to make saving as easy as possible for the pupils, parents and teachers.

A First Savers account is available to young people from 0-18 years old and can be opened by any adult for their child or grandchild, or by young people themselves with an adult signatory. Although anyone can pay money into the account, withdrawals can only be made with the permission of the trustee - the adult who opens the account.

To open a First Saver account will require the birth certificate of the young person and two forms of identification for the trustee. You can find more details of the identification we can accept here. Junior members cannot apply for loans, but do receive a dividend when one is paid, just like an adult account. Payments and withdrawals can be made in the same ways as for an adult Savings Account.

Active junior accounts are automatically upgraded to an adult account once the member reaches 18 years old, with FREE membership (usually £3).