Moneywise Credit Union is a savings and loan co-operative where people can save and borrow, keeping your money within our local community.

Committing yourself to a regular saving pattern is a great idea as even a small weekly amount soon adds up! Putting £5 a week away in your savings gives you £260 at the end of a year; a great help with Christmas spending or money towards a dream holiday.

We require our adult members to have a minimum of £5 in their account at all times. 


Why save with a Credit Union?

Whether you are saving for a major event such as your retirement, a wedding, a child’s university education, or just want to put something by for a rainy day - the sooner you start saving the better!

  • Easy ways to save regularly
  • Small cash rewards called dividends may be paid if you save with us
  • We bring people together and help to create a community spirit
  • Local convenient access to us and your savings
  • Savings safe as they are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Building up your savings in the credit union also gives you more lending power should you need to borrow in the future. Your savings can act as security against loans


Ways to save:

Tees Credit Union makes it easy for you to save regularly, either weekly or monthly or more often if you wish!  You can pay into your savings account in lots of different ways:

  • By Direct Debit or Standing Order
  • Directly from your wages if you work for one of our payroll partners
  • Directly from one of your benefits, such as Child Benefit or Tax Credits.
  • At our Stockton town centre main office
  • At our community collection points.


Withdrawing your savings 

Is easy! On request we simply transfer the amount of your savings you want to withdraw into your personal current account or ENGAGE budgeting account by FPS (Faster Payment System).