Why do I need a Family Group Funeral Plan?

Are you able today to pay for the cost of a £3000 or higher funeral if a family member died?

This unique plan enables you to remove that worry

The death of a family member is very sad and stressful for those left behind. Funeral arrangements have to be made and questions arise as to how everything is to be paid for.

The answer is simple, start a Family Group Funeral Plan now for less than £12 a month to cover the costs so you do not have to worry.

Key Points:

  • Up to six family members can be covered for one monthly premium
  • You choose the death benefit value and the monthly premium to be paid.
  • Benefits are paid on the death of any member named on the policy.
  • A new family member can be nominated onto the policy when an existing member dies.
  • The policy is cancelled without value if the member paying the monthly premium ceases to do so.
  • The policy has an 18 month waiting period before benefit is paid.
  • All information should be read in conjunction with the Terms, Conditions and Key Facts documents. Please read these before applying for the policy. 

Please note - no medical or health information is needed for this policy