Having even a little behind you in savings can be a big help to cover unexpected costs, like car repairs. It's also useful to plan savings for future expenses like Christmas, holidays or school uniforms.

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Free scheme with real benefits, to help your business recruit and retain staff and reduce financial stress which can impact on work. 


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Taken straight from your pay it's a painless and easy way to save. You keep control and can change the amount you save at any time.

As a Payroll saver you could also have access to our low interest and convenient Member Loans; loan repayments are taken as part of a payroll saving deduction from your salary and you can still continue to save in fact we recommend it.

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Interest on a Payroll Loan depends on your circumstances and must be repaid from your payroll savings and there are no arrangement fees, early repayment fees or late payment charges for any of our loans - see our loan comparison information on the Loans page for repayment examples. 

How do I apply for a Payroll Loan?

Loan applications can be made at our head office or by completing an online application form. You will need to sign a loan agreement once a loan is agreed. This is a legally binding document and a promise to repay the loan on time and in full. There are no penalties for early repayment, so paying your loan back earlier means you save money.

Before applying for any loan you should always check that you can afford the repayments. You can use our Income and Outgoings form to help you work out what you can afford to repay.