Loans secured against savings.

For members who want a loan but prefer to keep their savings secure we offer loans at a reduced interest rate - please ask for more details.  

With a loan secured against your savings you can borrow up to the amount you have in savings at a lower interest rate than our Starter Loans. This means you still have your savings tucked away when you finish repaying your loan.

As these loans are secured against your savings there are no credit or affordability checks. This means that you can't withdraw your savings over and above the amount you still owe. 

If you needed to borrow a higher amount than your savings, we maybe able to offer you a Loyalty Loan.


Loyalty Loans

Once you have demonstrated your ability to repay us in full and on time with your first loan you will be able to apply for a higher amount and repay over a longer period of time. The amounts you can borrow will vary depending on how much you have saved and your personal circumstances.

 All loans are made subject to status and we credit check history as part of your application.


How do I apply?

Its easy to apply for a loan with Tees Credit Union just click here and complete our online application formOther ways you can apply are by calling us on 01642 941911 or by dropping in to our new office, 38-40 Dovecot  Street, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1LN. We are open 10am till 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

All loans are made subject to status and we will check your credit history as part of your application - if you are not currently a member please apply by clicking here.

Please note you will be required to sign a loan agreement once the loan is agreed.  This is a legally binding document and a promise to repay the loan on time and in full. There are no penalties for early repayment, so paying your loan back earlier means you save money!

We are a responsible lender and need to make sure you can afford to repay any loan taken out with Tees Credit Union, part of Moneywise Credit Union Limited. If you experience any problems repaying the loan don't hesitate to contact us, as it’s always best to deal with any money issues as soon as you can.