Personal Banking with ENGAGE


Moneywise Credit Union is committed to an ethical approach to personal banking so we work with our partners – ENGAGE to provide an ethical and affordable solution for you

The important thing to remember is that with any Engage account, there isn’t any overdraft facility – so no spiralling debts from overspending.

The Engage account has low fees that do apply to some transactions but are easily offset by the cashback you can earn by shopping at most supermarkets, retailers and local stores.

The Engage account and Visa debit card works just like an account from a high street bank but is only available from your Engage accredited provider: Moneywise Credit Union. You can use your Engage card to shop, pay bills and save money with our cashback rewards program.

Your Community Bank offer the Engage Classic Account


The Benefits:

FREE to apply for a card (you can also have an additional card for free too)

FREE for any purchases made within the UK

Only £0.75 for an ATM withdrawal in the UK

Low management fees

FREE to set up a standing order

FREE email alerts to help you track your spend


The Limits:

£10 minimum initial load

Up to £250 maximum ATM withdrawal per day

Maximum £5,000 card balance at any one time



Want to know more? Get in touch… email us: anytime or call 01642 941911 during our opening times

Places where you can collect rewards: